Monday, November 14, 2016

Episode 101: Double Agent

Monday, November 14, 1966

My name is Victoria Winters. I have stumbled upon a secret that is both terrifying and dangerous. However, so far I am safe—as long as Roger does not suspect that I know it was he who lost the pen at the spot where Mr. Malloy died. 

Roger asks Carolyn if she told Vicki that Roger was the last person to have the fountain pen before Bill Malloy died.

She says she didn’t put it like that. She asks what Burke’s fountain has to do with Bill Malloy’s death.

“I’ve got it! That fountain pen wasn’t really a fountain pen at all. It was one of those secret weapons like spies use.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Bill Malloy was a double agent working for the reds. And that fountain pen was . . . a hypodermic needle—containing a deadly poison that you make yourself in that locked room in the basement.”

Roger tells Carolyn not to jest about a man’s death.

She says she’s just so tired of long faces and she’s so happy about her date tonight, and she can’t be bothered about pens. He agrees she shouldn’t be.

Carolyn suggests maybe she’s going out with him to spy on him. Roger thinks Burke might be playing with her. Carolyn says that even if he is, they should have a lot of fun.

Roger wonders where Vicki went in town. He decides to go and find out for himself.

Roger asks David if he knows where Vicki is. 
He doesn’t know. David shows Roger a picture of what’s going to happen to the man who killed Bill Malloy. 
Roger says, “They don’t hang people anymore. Not in this state anyway.”

After Roger leaves, David opens the drawing room and tells Vicki she can come out now.

She says she’ll do a favor for him someday. 
He says he’d like to go to the old house and look for ghosts. 
Vicki says she will, but not today.

Vicki is surprised Carolyn’s date with Burke is still on. 
Carolyn tells her Roger did object, but he calmed down. 
She asks Vicki’s advice on which dress to wear. 
Vicki says the one she has on—from what she knows of Burke, and she doesn’t know much. 
Vicki is surprised that Roger didn’t object more about Carolyn’s date. 
Carolyn says he lost interest, because he became more interested in where Vicki was. 
Vicki asks why Roger wanted to see her. Carolyn says it had something to do with the fountain pen.

“You told him I knew that he’d lost it?”

David listens.

Carolyn says Roger was upset that she made a joke about the pen being a secret weapon and having something to do with Bill’s death. She guesses she shouldn’t have joked about it. She can’t keep mourning forever, though, can she?

Vicki thinks she better go find David.

Roger stalks Collinsport. 
He calls the Evans cottage to see if Vicki is there and says he can be reached at Collinwood if they see her.

Vicki calls Burke, but he’s not there. 
She doesn’t leave a message. 
She is about to go up the stairs when there’s a knock at the door. 
Maggie is bringing her purse that she left at the restaurant.

Maggie wants to know what’s bothering her. 
Vicki doesn’t want to tell her what it is.

Vicki says she has evidence that Bill Malloy’s death was a murder and she thinks she knows who did it.

David listens.

Maggie, thinking she means Sam, tells Vicki that she pussyfoots around being so friendly, but all she does is cause trouble. All the trouble started in Collinsport the day she arrived.

Vicki says Burke Devlin arrived that same day.

Carolyn catches David eavesdropping and breaks up the whole conversation. 
She also mentions to Maggie that she has a special date.

David runs upstairs.

Vicki asks Carolyn to have Burke call her. “It’s very important.”

“Ask Burke to call you?” Carolyn says, in shock, and then, in a strange, phony tone of voice, with a weird little laugh, “Well, of course, Vicki. You know I will.” She leaves.

Vicki tells Maggie that she doesn’t have enough evidence to take to the police, but if she tells Maggie who it is, it will put Maggie in danger too.

Vicki says she’s going to lock herself in her room until Mrs. Stoddard comes home from Matthew’s house.

Maggie offers to stay with Vicki but is turned down.

Maggie leaves. 
Roger comes up behind Vicki and grabs her, placing his hand over her mouth.


                        Cast, In Order of Appearance

Victoria Winters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Alexandra Moltke

Roger Collins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Louis Edmonds

Carolyn Stoddard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Nancy Barrett

David Collins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  David Henesy

Maggie Evans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathryn Leigh Scott

Fashion by Ohrbach’s

Directed by John Sedwick

Written by Francis Swann

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