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Episode 141: The Impossible Locket

Thursday, January 12, 1967

Note: The episodes’ official numbering includes skipped numbers for pre-emptions, in accordance with their numbering system (so that one could look at the number of an episode and know what day of the week it aired on). I have elected to number the episodes by what episode it actually is, but I will note the official numbering also.

This is the 141st episode, but the official number is 144 or 9.
My name is Victoria Winters. For one member of the Collins family, the past is shrouded in mystery, and I’m just beginning to suspect that the mystery surrounding her is deeper and stranger than I’ve ever imagined.

Vicki says that this must be the locket that Laura was wearing the day she moved into Matthew’s cottage.

The detective says that’s impossible. This one was found in the ruins of a burned-out apartment only last week.

Vicki says there must be two of them.

Liz says that could only be if Laura had a copy made.

Vicki wants to know why David’s hair is in this one when Laura said it was in the other one. Liz thinks Vicki must have misunderstood. Vicki asks to come along to the cottage.

Laura tells the policeman that all of the effects belong to her.

He asks her a few questions about her apartment. The woman who died there was locked in from the inside, so she must have had a key.

Well, a cleaning woman who used to work for Laura had a key at one point. Margaret something.

She’s sure no one else would have had access.

Liz and the detective leave. Vicki asks Laura about the locket.

Laura says she told Vicki about the locket, but she wasn’t wearing it at the time. There isn’t another one.

Vicki is mistaken.

Vicki says it’s time for her to get back to the house.

Vicki asks Lt. Riley about the woman found in Phoenix. Time of death hasn’t been established yet.

Vicki finds that Frank Garner has come to deliver some contracts for Liz. He says it’s really an excuse to see Vicki. They sit by the fire and talk.

 Vicki tells him strange things have been happening since Mrs. Collins came back. 
She tells him about the locket. 
Even if there are two lockets, why should Mrs. Collins lie about it?

Liz hears everything (not too surprising).

Frank wants to know why Laura would lie to her. How could the same object show up in two different places?

Liz tells Vicki it’s impossible, and she relents.

Liz goes upstairs, and Vicki tells Frank about the strange things that have been happening, David’s dream and the painting, and how Vicki is being compelled to do things against her will. 
She didn’t even want to go to the cottage earlier, but the words came out unbidden.

Frank says he’ll take her out later and she’ll feel better.

After they leave the room, the family book opens itself.

Liz comes down and Vicki says she’s going to go see David, but something makes her come into the drawing room.

Liz asks her if she was thinking of the locket. Wasn’t she looking at it in the book?

Vicki says she wasn’t.

Josette looked after her when Matthew held her hostage.

There’s a picture of Josette wearing the locket. 

Vicki wonders if it’s a message from Josette. 

Vicki decides she needs to go for a walk.

 Cast, In Order of Appearance

Victoria Winters . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alexandra Moltke

Lt. Dan Riley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   John Connell

Laura Collins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Diana Millay

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard . . . . . Joan Bennett

Frank Garner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Conard Fowkes

Fashion by Ohrbach’s

Directed by John Sedwick

Written by Ron Sproat

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