Friday, November 18, 2016

Episode 105: The Sheriff of Nottingham Pays a Call

Friday, November 18, 1966

My name is Victoria Winters. Ever since I arrived at Collinwood, this gloomy old mansion on the crest of Widow’s Hill has held nameless fears for me—most of it stemming from the time I saw a dead man washed up at the foot of the cliff, a case that has been declared an accident but not been marked closed by the sheriff.

Burke goes to the sheriff’s office to demand that George reopen the Malloy case. 
The sheriff tells him that before something can be reopened, it has to be closed. 
The only way to get people off their guard was to make them think the case was closed. That way people aren’t looking at their neighbors suspiciously.

Burke says he has new evidence from Vicki Winters. “She knows enough so that a half hour ago, someone tried to kill her.” He tells George that Vicki has evidence pointing at Roger Collins.

“Hasn’t she ever heard of the sheriff’s office?”

Burke says that Vicki, being from New York, doesn’t understand George’s small-town subtleties. “She thinks when you say you’re not interested in the case, that’s what you mean.” He tells George about the person who must have had a duplicate key pushing Vicki’s door open.


Roger returns home. 
Liz asks him whether he ran into Vicki. “I mean that figuratively, of course.” 
She tells him about the car that tried to run Vicki down.

Liz wonders who is trying to harm Vicki.

Roger wonders where Sam Evans was.


Burke tells George about the incident with the car. 
He has a plan to bring some real evidence out into the open—possibly tonight at Collinwood. George agrees.


Liz wants to know why Roger asked about Sam Evans.

Roger thinks he might know more about Vicki. He painted the portrait that resembles her.

Liz says that Sam couldn’t have been the one who tried to get into Vicki’s room.

Roger says there’s no tangible proof that anyone did.

Liz says she has Vicki’s word and that’s good enough for her. When she saw Bill Malloy’s ghost, that door was locked too.

Roger says that was a hallucination.

“That seaweed on the floor was no hallucination; we both saw it.”

They hear a car in the drive.

Liz looks out the window and tells Roger it’s the sheriff’s car. She asks Roger to answer the door.

Roger greets George as “the Sheriff of Nottingham” but is disappointed to see Burke.

Burke wants to see Vicki, but Liz says she’s sedated after a driver almost ran her down.

They also discuss the intruder in Vicki’s room. Roger suggests that she imagined it.

George asks if she usually imagines things.

Liz says she’s normally a perfectly well-adjusted girl.

“Sheriff, do you believe in ghosts? . . . Miss Winters does. Miss Winters believes in a great deal of things that most normal people don’t. She hears things that a lot of other people don’t hear. She sees things that other people don’t see.”

“What about the pen she found?” Burke asks.
He tells about giving it to Carolyn, how Roger took it away from her before the meeting, and how Vicki found it.

Someone might have found it before Vicki and lost it again. Possibly Bill Malloy.

(I don’t see how that would work.)

Burke tells about the story Roger told Vicki, about finding Bill Malloy’s body. The sheriff says that would be an accessory after the fact. (That’s funny—when Matthew found the body, and even pushed it back into the sea, the sheriff couldn’t find a law he broke to charge him. Failure to report a death, interfering with a corpse, nothing!)

Burke pulls out his backup pen to freak Roger out. 
Roger says he doesn’t think it looks the same.

The sheriff would appreciate it if Vicki and Carolyn could come to his office in the morning to identify the pen. Burke says, “Pleasant dreams, Roger,” before leaving.

Liz tells Roger she’s going to have some questions of her own before Vicki and Carolyn go to the sheriff’s office. She wants the truth.

Roger says there’s something he has to do right away and leaves the house.

He goes to where he buried the pen and moves the rock covering its grave. 
He digs it up. It’s still there.

“Thanks, Roger,” Burke says. “You saved us a good deal of trouble.” To the sheriff, he says, “Well, how’s that for concrete evidence?”

        Cast, In Order of Appearance

Victoria Winters . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alexandra Moltke

Sheriff George Patterson . . . . . . Dana Elcar

Burke Devlin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Mitchell Ryan

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard . . . .  Joan Bennett

Roger Collins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Louis Edmonds

Fashion by Ohrbach’s

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