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Episode 129: Mother Watches Over You

Tuesday, December 27, 1966 

Note: The episodes’ official numbering includes skipped numbers for pre-emptions, in accordance with their numbering system (so that one could look at the number of an episode and know what day of the week it aired on). I have elected to number the episodes by what episode it actually is, but I will note the official numbering also.

This is the 129th episode, but the official number is 132.

My name is Victoria Winters. A stranger has visited Collinwood, and her visit has created tension in the great house—particularly in the mind of a small boy, who only saw her in a dream.

Liz commiserates with David over his bad dream about his mother. 
When she leaves, he gets out of bed and goes to the window. “Is anyone out there?” he asks.

In the morning, Roger admonishes David to eat his breakfast. David complains he doesn’t like runny eggs.

Vicki gets some backup from Liz about David’s having to do his lessons.

After Vicki and David leave, Liz and Roger discuss David. 
Roger is relieved that David was afraid. At least it shows some normalcy.

Liz says maybe David doesn’t want to see Laura again.

Roger suggests that Liz wants to take Laura’s place in David’s life.

Liz says she would be all right with Laura being a mother to David if she were capable of it.

Roger says they don’t know that she isn’t. 
Would they have let her out of the hospital if she were?

Liz says Roger is looking for a way to unload David. She’ll fight him and everyone else if she has to.

Vicki says David needs to work on his math. She wants him to be a brain at that as well as history.

David asks Vicki why she doesn’t hate him. 
They talk about her captivity, and she notes that he did tell Burke. He says he wanted to tell his father, but he wouldn’t listen. (Not exactly true—he just wouldn’t promise David wouldn’t get into trouble.)

David asks whether Vicki still wants to see her mother again. She says she does, more than anything.

David isn’t sure he wants to see his again anymore.

Liz and Roger continue to discuss Laura and David. Liz doesn’t think it’s wise to let her see David, and Roger doesn’t think they could stop her.

David tells about his bad dream. Vicki thinks he looks pale. He says he isn’t feeling well. She puts him to bed.

As soon as she’s gone, he gets out of bed and goes to the window, calling out for his mother.

Liz is working at her writing desk while Roger brings in firewood.

Roger says Liz isn’t being fair, but since she was against the marriage—despite her choice of a mate.

Wasn’t she impressed with the change in Laura?

Liz admits she was. Laura seems to have gained a strength.

Roger convinces Liz that David should be told about Laura.

Vicki comes in and says David isn’t feeling well.

They tell her about Laura. She thinks that’s odd, as David just had a dream about his mother that frightened him.

Roger says it’s just a dream. He sends Vicki up to bring David down.

Vicki sends David down and closes the window.

David tells Liz and Roger that her mother is here. He’s known since last night when he saw her in his dream.

David doesn’t want to know any more and asks to leave.

Liz and Roger discuss his reaction. 
Roger thinks David must have sneaked down last night and seen Laura. Liz says she checked on him, and he was asleep.

David goes to the window. He says he can see his mother watching him and asks (over and over) whether she’s out there.

        Cast, In Order of Appearance

Victoria Winters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alexandra Moltke

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Joan Bennett

David Collins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David Henesy

Roger Collins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Louis Edmonds

Fashion by Ohrbach’s

Directed by John Sedwick

Written by Ron Sproat

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