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Episode 130: Unfinished Business

 Wednesday, December 28, 1966

Note: The episodes’ official numbering includes skipped numbers for pre-emptions, in accordance with their numbering system (so that one could look at the number of an episode and know what day of the week it aired on). I have elected to number the episodes by what episode it actually is, but I will note the official numbering also.

This is the 130th episode, but the official number is 133.

 My name is Victoria Winters. Someone who used to live in Collinsport has returned, and her return has affected the lives of many people—particularly one man, whose life was changed by her years ago.

Burke tells Blair that he has hopes for vindication because of Laura’s return.
Just as one man is driven by a desperate kind of hope, so is another driven by confusion—and fear.

Maggie asks Sam if he wants some breakfast as he covers up his painting. He says it would just stick in his throat. She tells him to come over to the inn for lunch.
When she tries to look at his canvas, he stops her. 
She says he always shows her his work. She wonders whether this has something to do with the woman. 
He tells her the woman is Laura Collins.
Burke goes knocking on Laura’s door again and gets no answer.
Burke asks Maggie about the woman. Maggie says she’s Laura Collins. Burke wants to know about her behavior.
Maggie thinks he hasn’t gotten Laura out of his system. She points out Laura is married. Burke says that never was a marriage.
Sam comes in and Burke tells him Laura is the one person who can change everything.
Burke leaves and Maggie wants to know what he meant. Sam says Burke didn’t mean anything. He just likes to hear the sound of his voice when he acts tough. She wants to know why Sam acted as if he didn’t know that Laura was back. What does Laura Collins mean to him?
Sam decides to leave.
Laura comes in as he gets up to go. 
They make some small talk and he asks why she came back. She tells him “Unfinished business.”
He tells her it’s nice to have her back and says goodbye.
Laura says she remembers Maggie as a kid. Maggie ’fesses up to trying to find out who Laura was. She says Burke is anxious to see her.
Laura says if Burke asks Maggie about her again, to tell him she hasn’t seen her.
Burke comes in.
He asks whether they can talk. He’s been waiting ten years for this moment, but now he finds himself at a loss for words. He says she’s changed, but he isn’t sure how.
She’s come back to town to do what has to be done.
This gives him hope. He lights a cigarette, and she’s drawn to the match flame. 
He blows it out, not noticing.
She says she’s come back for David.
Burke says he and David are good friends. He’s the kind of son Burke would have liked to have, that he and Laura could have had. Laura says yes, exactly the kind.
Burke says he wants to prove his innocence.
Laura says she has to solve her own problems before she can help him with that. They say goodbye.
Sam is painting when his hand begins to hurt. 
He yells “No!” at the painting.
         Cast, In Order of Appearance

Victoria Winters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alexandra Moltke
Burke Devlin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Mitchell Ryan
Sam Evans. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  David Ford
Maggie Evans  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathryn Leigh Scott
Laura Collins  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diana Millay

Fashion by Ohrbach’s
Directed by John Sedwick
Written by Malcolm Marmorstein

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